The History of Kingsboro Baptist Church (formerly East Point United Baptist Church)

We believe the history of this congregation is the history of faithful people dreaming big dreams and then trusting God to make them happen.

The first settlers arrived in Kingsboro in 1808, and for 25 years, kept their faith alive while meeting in houses and barns. In 1823, Mrs. John Kennedy and Mrs. James MacDonald travelled over 50 miles on foot to find a pastor for the community. They returned home on foot, horseback and sailboat, accompanied by Rev. Alexander Crawford, who held the first believer's baptism here. On July 14, 1833, the first church building was dedicated with 18 members. The first pastor, Rev. John Shaw, ministered here for 41 years with nearly 300 members being added during that time.

When the first building was outgrown, a second one was erected and after six years of construction, was dedicated in 1864. It was fondly remembered for its tall spire and commanding location on the hill. One of the most notable events in the life of the church was the great revival of 1874. During 6 - 7 weeks of evangelistic meetings, 85 people united with the church by baptism. By the turn of the century, the people were involved in building a new, larger, more modern building, this time in a more convenient location. The third building was dedicated on December 6, 1903. Three services were held in the building that day to commemorate the event.

The 102 ensuing years saw changes to programs and to the building. Since 1907, we have shared pastors with the South Lake Christian Church and our congregations work closely together. Several groups have developed over the years, including Sunday School, youth groups and Women's Missionary groups. The church building underwent several changes, including a basement, baptistry, classrooms and vinyl siding. 

At the business meeting of 1999, plans began for an addition to the building to create much-needed space for Sunday School and youth groups, and to give the building disability access. Plans proceeded for the addition, even to the point of having a sod-turning, but then road blocks and questions began to appear. We believe this was God's hand at work, as He had bigger and better plans in store. After much discussion, planning and prayer, it was decided in 2004 to proceed with constructing an entirely new building. On November 1, 2004, excavation work was started on the site, and the first service was held in the new building on June 19, 2005. On June 26, two services were held. The first was a de-commissioning service - the last in the old building. The second was the dedication in the new building.

The work of the church is never finished. Each congregation makes a decision either to grow or to die, and we as the members of Kingsboro Baptist have chosen to grow. It is our prayer that the history of our congregation will continue to be written until the day Christ returns. May He find us faithful. 

Kingsboro Baptist Church is a member of the Prince Edward Island Baptist Association and the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada, and is affiliated nationally with Canadian Baptist Ministries and internationally with the Baptist World Alliance.



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