Bible Study


Galatians 5:16-26

How do you experience the struggle between the flesh (sinful nature) and the (Holy) Spirit? (see 5:16-18)


Which of the “works of the flesh” (19-21) stands out to you? Why?


How do we guard against pride that might say, “I don’t struggle with these things, I’m a good person”?


How do we grow in a deeper understanding of our sin, taking it more seriously, so that we are abhorred by it, fight it, and love our God, Saviour, and His Gospel more?


Which of the “Fruit of the Spirit” stands out to you? (22-23).


Which of the Fruit of the Spirit do you need to grow in?


Fruit is something produced by nature. We have been made new by God, His Holy Spirit living in us. How do we cultivate our lives for the Spirit in us to produce good fruit?


Why is it important to crucify “the flesh with its passions and desires?” How do we do that? (24).


What does it mean to “keep in step with the Spirit”? (25).


 Why are we warned against becoming conceited, provoking, or envying one another? (26).